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Terms of Use and Service (Updated 22 June 2006)

Please read these Terms Of Use And Service in full before using any services available on this web site.

Usage of any services of this web site implies acceptance of these terms.
Advertisers must agree to these terms prior to using the services of this web site.

These terms may change at any time.


Acceptable Use - General

In using the services of the this web site you accept, agree and verify that:

Services of this web site must not be used in connection with:

Privacy Policy

Personal data is collected on our network for security and performance measurement purposes.
We will never knowingly release such data to other parties without your consent.

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For Advertisers

Acceptable Use - Advertisements

At all times Advertisements carried by this web site and any other related web sites must:

At all times Advertisements carried by this web site and any other related web sites must NOT:

Terms of Service - Advertisements


  • Acceptance of advertisements is at the sole and unfettered discretion of the publishers of this site.
  • This service is intended for advertisers whose primary activity is selling or promoting products, services, organisations or events.
    Ads for web sites that generate revenue based predominantly on advertising, links, clicks or visitor traffic are not accepted at this time. Such sites include include: personal sites including blogs, link exchanges, search sites and directories.
  • The ads for the following types of web sites are unlikely to be accepted or may be accepted with modification:
    • "Pay to work" schemes
    • Sites hosted on free hosting services
    • Gambling sites
    • E-commerce sites where the applicant's email address does not correspond to the same site
    • Sites offering or promoting financial loans
    • Sites which are aesthetically unpleasant or diminish the reputation of this website
  • Ads may be displayed only in the destination site's main language if so decided by the operators of this website.
  • An Acceptance Email advising acceptance of your advertisement will be sent once your order has been received.
  • An Acceptance Email may not be sent if your ad is not accepted
  • The Acceptance Email will also confirm the Price and Duration of the advertisement.


  • Any required payment should be made within 7 days of the Acceptance Email being sent.
  • If payment is not received within 7 days your order will be cancelled.
  • Payment can be made via PayPal or as otherwise advised in the Acceptance Email.


  • The advertisement will be displayed on the website once payment (if required) has been received.
  • A Display Advisory Email will be sent once your advertisement is displayed.
  • The Display Advisory Email will also advise your advertisement's Expiration Date.
  • The Expiration Date will be set according to the Duration advised in the Acceptance Email.
  • The advertisement will be displayed and function in accordance with the relevant Product Description.
  • Images (if any) will be displayed in an electronic format chosen by this by the operators web site.
  • Techniques such as image compression and color reduction may be used to improve browsing performance.
  • The site may be down occasionally for maintenance or software upgrades.
  • This site is best viewed with CSS2 compliant browsers running JavaScript.
    • Images and hover text may not appear perfectly aligned in every browser at all times.
      This may be more noticeable for a few days when ads first appear.
    • Ads will display correctly in Japanese browsers. If Japanese characters do not display correctly
      in your browser, please refer to our help page or consult your browser documentation.


  • Refunds will only be issued if:
    • requested within 7 days of the advertisement first being displayed AND
    • the advertisement has been erroneously displayed by fault of the Servicee Provider.
  • If a refund is paid, the advertisement will be deleted from the site.

Alterations and Corrections

  • A single alteration to an advertisement is free of charge if requested within 7 days of first being displayed.
  • Alterations after 7 days of first being displayed will incur a fee of 50% of the basic cost.
  • Altering an advertisement does not change the Expiration Date.


Display of advertisements will be suspended if:

  • the advertiser requests suspension. In such cases:
    • a minimum suspension of 7 days minimum duration will apply;
    • the Expiration Date will not change;
    • no additional fee will be charged.
  • the Acceptable Use policy is breached at any time.
  • the advertiser's account is in arrears for more than 7 days.


Advertisements may be terminated by the Service Provider if:

  • the advertiser requested deletion of the advertisement;
  • the advertisement remains in breach of the Acceptable Use policy (whether displayed on the site or not) for more than 7 days;
  • the advertisement's Expiration Date passes;
  • the advertiser's account is in arrears.
No refund will be given in such cases.


  • Right of renewal is not implied nor guaranteed.
  • Renewal is to be by mutual agreement.
  • Alternative placement or advertisement may be offered instead of outright renewal.

Business Life Cycle Policy

  • This site and services offered on it will change over time as the products and services offered are changed to suit the market and as technological changes are made.
  • This Business Life Cycle Policy provides a level of assurance for our advertisers.
  • In the event that an advertisement is displayed in a manner which signifcantly differs from the originally contracted terms, alternative services (by neogitation) OR refund of residual fees will be available. The amount refunded will be the relevant amount of advertising fees received for the Duration of the ad multiplied by the greater of:

    • the time remaining until the Expiration Date as a percentage of the advertisement's Duration OR
    • the number of views short of any contractually guaranteed number of views as a percentage.
  • If all sites in our advertising network are permanently closed, the refund policy will apply.

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